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Fell Trees Quickly and Accurately with the Stalpen Tree Jack

Whether you need to support a hard-leaning tree in an emergency or add precision to your tree cutting process, the Stalpen Tree Jack can make tree care tasks safer and more efficient. By using a tree jack, the user can support the tree and accurately control the direction of its fall, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to property—without time-consuming wedging, cabling, and climbing.  

Ease your workload

Preserve your property

Reduce costs 

Ideal for Emergencies

In emergency situations such as storms, natural disasters, or precariously fallen trees, a Stalpen Tree Jack can be a valuable tool for quickly and safely removing fallen trees or branches that may be blocking roads, homes, or other structures. The use of a tree jack can provide a controlled way to lift and move heavy objects without causing additional damage or injury.

photo of man using tree jack
close up of base of tree jack

Safe and reliable

The rack and pinion mechanism allows for safe forward and backward rotation of the crank at full load without the need for a manual locking device. The jack is also equipped with locking pins that secure the jack’s position and prevent pressure from being accidentally released.

The design of the jack allows it to withstand heavy forces and to safely support tree crown overhangs or an incorrect leaning trees. It’s especially reliable in unexpected wind gusts.

Highly portable

A quick-release, detachable design means the Stalpen Tree Jack can easily be broken down into two sections. This mobility and ease of storage makes the Stalpen well-suited to move from job to job, saving time and effort on site.

hands taking the tree jack apart into two pieces
close up of tree jack

Made to last

Stalpen tree jacks made by Svedbro Smide are crafted with the same standards used in our steel wrecking bars. Strong and durable, they’re a must for anyone who wants to fell trees more safely, precisely and professionally.

Authorized Stalpen Retailers

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Sherrill Tree

496 Gallimore Dairy Rd, Ste D
Greensboro, NC 27409

Grand Forest

219 Varnfield Dr
Summerville, SC 29483
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