Our Story

We are proud to be the leading US manufacturer of chainsaw protective clothing and distributor of high-end heritage axes, wrecking bars and forestry tools.

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How it Began…

Founded in 1985, our company was established by Swedish entrepreneurs Soren Eriksson and Gabriel Brånby, to meet the growing need for chainsaw protective clothing in the United States. Production started with chainsaw protective pants and chaps in order to provide the best protection for professional loggers. Over time, as safety training programs like “The Game of Logging” became more widespread, there was a shift towards a greater emphasis on safety throughout the broader industry. Grand Forest collaborated with industry experts to develop the ASTM standards for chainsaw protection in the US. Today it is clear that safety is important not just for the professional logger, but for every homeowner, farmer, and occasional chainsaw user. At Grand Forest, we are passionate about manufacturing our safety products right here in the US so that all chainsaw users can have access to life-saving protection.



The heritage Gränsfors Bruk line of axes were added to our portfolio in 1989, a perfect complement for the discerning craftsman and outdoor enthusiast. We have been distributing these hand-forged, exclusive axes to the US market ever since.


Change, Innovation, and Growth

In the early 90’s Carrie Bovender joined the company with her first priority being to move the manufacturing operation to South Carolina from Alabama. Throughout the years we have grown and expanded, moved through four locations, survived difficult economic times, a pandemic, hurricanes and even a fire. When the Swedish owner planned to retire, Carrie was ready to take on a new challenge and purchased the company along with her husband Rob, an Air Force veteran and current airline pilot. She continues to run the daily operation and look for additional growth opportunities.

As we grow, we continue to add valuable tools to our offerings with foresters, homeowners, woodworkers and outdoorsmen in mind. We set the standard—from designers to distribution, each employee adds their expertise, every stitch is done for a purpose. The entire team at Grand Forest is proud to play a leading role in improving safety and efficiency for loggers, chainsaw users and outdoor enthusiasts and those in the construction industry.