Woolpower manufactures merino wool based thermal undergarments and mid layers with the goal of delivering absolute thermal comfort in all types of weather. The company also manufactures complementing performance socks and accessories. The result is head-to-toe thermal performance wear for those needing quality, dependable thermals that will keep you warm, no matter the conditions.

Manufactured from yarn to finished garment in Ostersund, Sweden, Woolpower was first established in 1969. Each garment is knit in-house and sewn by a single seamstress. Once the article of clothing is complete and thoroughly inspected that seamstress’ name is sewn to the garment on its own tag; a personalized quality stamp.

Woolpower clothing is timeless, functional and of the highest quality. When you wear Woolpower, you can be confident that each garment has been made with a full commitment toward environmental responsibility and with respect for those who work at the factory.