SwedePro is a line of chain saw protective apparel that is designed to reduce the severity of injuries that may occur when a chainsaw makes contact with your body. From the feet up, SwedePro offers a wide variety of products that are solely designed to keep the chain saw user safe.

Inside all SwedePro chain saw protective apparel are multiple layers of saw jamming Avertic® Pro material, made by Engtex®. This material is specifically engineered to pull apart when caught by the teeth of the rotating chain; thus, clogging the rotor, stopping the chain, allowing the user time to pull the chainsaw away from their body and release the throttle. Our product does not permanently damage the chain or the chainsaw. After contact, the chainsaw will only require a bit of cleaning and unjamming before using it again.

All of our apparel products are designed and manufactured in the United States, where they have been for more than 30 years. SwedePro products can be safely washed and dried at home, not only to clean but also fluff up the protective fibers.

SwedePro meets Leg Protection for Chainsaw Operators enforced by OSHA Regulation 1910.266, classified by UL using ASTM Test Method F1414 in accordance with ASTM Standard F1897.

To place a SwedePro order, please call 843-875-0240.