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SwedePro is a line of chain saw protective apparel that is designed to reduce the severity of injuries that may occur when a chainsaw makes contact with your body. From the feet up, SwedePro offers a wide variety of products that are solely designed to keep the chain saw user safe.

Inside all SwedePro chainsaw protective apparel are multiple layers of saw jamming Avertic® Pro material, made by Engtex®. This material is specifically engineered to pull apart when caught by the teeth of the rotating chain; thus, clogging the rotor, stopping the chain, allowing the user time to pull the chainsaw away from their body and release the throttle. Our product does not permanently damage the chain or the chainsaw. After contact, the chainsaw will only require a bit of cleaning and unjamming before using it again.

All apparel products are designed and manufactured in the United States, where they have been for more than 30 years. SwedePro products can be safely washed and dried at home, not only to clean but also fluff up the protective fibers.

SwedePro meets Leg Protection for Chainsaw Operators enforced by OSHA Regulation 1910.266, classified by UL using ASTM Test Method F1414 in accordance with ASTM Standard F1897.


Woolpower manufactures merino wool based thermal undergarments and mid layers with the goal of delivering absolute thermal comfort in all types of weather. The company also manufactures complementing performance socks and accessories. The result is head-to-toe thermal performance wear for those needing quality, dependable thermals that will keep you warm, no matter the conditions.

Manufactured from yarn to finished garment in Ostersund, Sweden, Woolpower was first established in 1969. Each garment is knit in-house and sewn by a single seamstress. Once the article of clothing is complete and thoroughly inspected that seamstress’ name is sewn to the garment on its own tag; a personalized quality stamp.

Woolpower clothing is timeless, functional and of the highest quality. When you wear Woolpower, you can be confident that each garment has been made with a full commitment toward environmental responsibility and with respect for those who work at the factory.

– Grand Forest is the US Distributor for Woolpower –

Gransfors Bruk

Since 1902 Gränsfors Bruk Sweden has built a reputation around hand-forged axes. Continuing in the centuries-old Scandinavian axe making tradition, the Gränsfors Bruk forge produces many different functional axe designs to accommodate a multitude of user preferences and applications. Ovako Steelworks provides the steel used for the axe heads. It is derived from recycled scrap, that is processed into high-quality steel made specifically for Gränsfors Bruk. Ovako and Gränsfors Bruk share a strong mutual commitment to recycling and minimizing the impact of their manufacturing processes on the environment.

Each Gränsfors Bruk axe is a reflection of the skilled blacksmith who fashions it. As each smith completes an axe head he stamps his initials in the steel. This is a mark of his commitment to the highest standard of craftsmanship. Each Gränsfors Bruk axe carries a 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects to the axe head.

The forge, located in the Swedish village of Gränsfors, is in northern Hälsingland between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall. The rhythmic pounding of the forge can be heard as you approach the heart of the village.

– Grand Forest is the US Distributor for Gränsfors Bruk –

Svedebro Smede

Since 1942, Svedbro Smide has manufactured Tove wrecking bars, also known as crowbars. They take pride in the fact that they deliver a superior product that will work every time and last year after year.

Each wrecking bar is handcrafted, tempered, ground and hand painted by craftsmen who know just how a wrecking bar is used and what is important to the user of the wrecking bar – whether you use it on a daily basis or just a few times a year. Like the axes made by its sister company, Gränsfors Bruk, each wrecking bar carries a 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Svedbro Smide is a family-owned manufacturing company situated in Hälsingland in northern Sweden. For over 100 years, this company has built a business working with skilled blacksmiths to produce a variety of forged metal products, always with a focus on quality, environmental responsibility, and respected employees.

– Grand Forest is the US Distributor for Svedebro Smide –