SwdePro™ BootsSwedePro™ Chaps

Grand Forest Inc manufactures and distributes the SwedePro™ line of chainsaw protective clothing.  The product line includes a wide variety of garments designed to outfit the logger from head to toe.

All products are manufactured in the United States.  The leg protection meets the ASTM standard for chainsaw safety and are Classified by UL®.

Do not risk injury from a chainsaw. Chainsaw protective garments are designed to reduce the severity of injuries that occur when the chainsaw chain makes contact with your body.

You can purchase SwedePro™ products from one of our nationwide dealers or directly from Grand Forest Inc via our online store.  To find a dealer near you visit our Dealer Locator.

SwedePro™ Products:

  • Apparel
  • Boots
  • Accessories